A charity ball or a gala is a formal affair, for which one has to dress appropriately. Such events are held for charity fundraisers or special events and one must be very careful about dressing for such occasions. A lot of important people are present at such functions and dressing in casuals is not appropriate. There are many fashion tips to keep in mind for charity balls and some of them have been given as follows:

fashions tips to keep in mind for a charity ball

Consider an Evening Dress or Cocktail Dress

Traditionally, only evening dresses were worn in charity balls but these days, even cocktail dresses work well for such events. Both these dresses are formal in nature and if paired well with accessories and the right makeup, they can make you look properly dressed for the occasion.

Wear a Pair of High Heels

Along with your evening dress or the cocktail dress, don’t forget to don a pair of high heels. Flats do not complement formal dresses in any way and hence choose stylish heels which you are comfortable in. Some good choices for the same include stilettos, open toed shoes and heels with straps.  The colour of the shoe must also go with your dress.

Add Accessories

If your gown or dress already has a lot of shine or shimmer then you can keep your accessories low key but if you are wearing a simple yet elegant gown, then you can add some sparkle with accessories like earrings, a clutch, wrist watch and other pieces of jewellery like bracelet, necklace and others.  Make sure whatever you wear is classy and appropriate for the occasion.

Makeup and Hair

Do not forget that even makeup and hair are an important part of the overall look for a charity ball.  Make sure you go for elegant yet glamorous make up which highlights your features and makes you stand apart.  Do not overdo it and keep it minimal since the lights at such events are subdued. Also, make sure your hair look gorgeous and are done in a nice hairstyle.

Men Fashion

As far as the men fashion is concerned, a good tuxedo jacket with a button down shirt and matching trousers proves to be a good combination.  Opt for black shoes and go for a clean shaven look. Men must keep themselves tidy and smelling good.


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