When it comes to formal dressing, everyone has a slightly different version or take on how one should get dressed. Whether it is parties or weddings, social events or charity galas, formal dressing sees many variations across the world. But even inspite of the popularity of formal dressing, there are many myths and misconceptions related to it. If you wish to look your best in formal attire, then you must know the real facts behind the common fashions myths related to formal dressing.

fashion myths related to formal dressing

Black is the only Colour for Formal Events for Men

Black is surely a favourite when it comes to formal dressing and also looks the classiest colour of them all but it is not the only colour that you can wear at formal dos. From blues to greys and browns to even others, there are many colours which look good during formal events on men. For women on the other hand, there is no end or limitation to the available colour options for formal occasions.

Your Heels and Bag must be Matching

Another myth related to formal dressing is that your heels and bags must match. When it comes to formal events, it is not necessary to go for matching shades for bags and shoes as even contrast works well these days.  Since it is a clutch that most women carry on dinners and social events, the clutch can also match the dress.

Sneakers can Pass in Formal Dressing

No matter how popular sneakers are these days and how they look good even under trousers and jackets, they do not really fit into the definition of formal. Even if you have spent hundreds of dollars on them, you can make them fit your tuxedo look.

Formal Dressing means Expensive Dressing

This is one of the biggest formal dressing fashion myths of all times. Most people think that being formal means wearing expensive labels and brands but this is not true. With confidence and poise, you can even carry a few dollars worth of attire to the biggest formal event in your city and look great.

Formal Dressing Means Blingy Dressing

Formal dressing is all about looking elegant, classy and graceful but this doesn’t mean you have to draw attention to yourself by wearing something blingy and sparkly. So avoid going too over the top and keep it simple.


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