For those who are blessed with elegant and long eyelashes, the thought of false eyelashes would be quite distant but those who do not have very nice or thick eyelashes may have to think of ways to make them look enhanced and the best ofcourse is to use false or artificial eyelashes. But applying or using these lashes isn’t that simple and one must keep certain points or tips in mind. The following are some of the best tips and suggestions to use false eyelashes.

best tips to use false eyelashes

Pick the Right Eyelash for your Eye Shape

The first thing to keep in mind is to pick the best kind of lashes for your eye shape. Make sure you read the pack to see whether the lashes are suitable for round eyes, hooded eyes, deep set eyes or almond eyes.

Choose the Style

While some eyelashes are natural, others may be over dramatic.  If you want a doll-like doe eye then it is better that you go for those that are long in the centre whereas if you want a sexy cat eye appearance, then you must go for lashes which are longer towards the ends.

Apply Properly

In order to apply false eyelashes, the first thing you need to do is to remove the lash strip from the package and gently bend it back and forth. This will help to loosen up the lash strip. After this place the lashes directly above the lash line. The next step is to curl the lashes.  Don’t give them a too dramatic curl as it won’t look natural. Now apply the glue directly from the tube onto the lashes and make sure you don’t apply too much of it. Now apply the lashes using your tweezers or fingers. Give a few finishing touches by applying a few strokes of mascara. Blend the natural ones with the false ones for a more natural effect.

Removal Tips

Now that you have applied the false eyelashes successfully, you must be wondering what is the right way to remove them.  In order to remove them properly, grasp the outer edge and them gently pull them up towards the inner corner of the eye. If the false eyelashes are stuck onto your natural ones then you can make use of warm water with soap to dissolve the glue a little bit.


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