The world of fashion is not just limited to clothes, bags and sunglasses but also extends to an even more important part of our looks-footwear. Yes, footwear these days is not just an essential part of dressing but is one which is moving forward in terms of style and fashion at an amazing speed.

More and more shoe designers are coming up and people are willing to spend as much on shoes as on clothes, bags and other accessories. So what are the best footwear trends for the New Year 2016? Well, read on to find out.

Pointed Toe Heels

pointed toe heels

This year, pointed toe heels are really expected to be in trend for both men and women. This trend is likely to move on from spring to autumn. This trend was also witnessed about a decade ago but soon disappeared but this year; it is time to bring out all your pointed toe heels once again.

Gladiator Sandals

gladiator sandals

Continuing from the year 2015, you will also witness the footwear trend of gladiator sandals once again in 2016. Whether it is flat gladiator or the ones with heels, the trend is here to stay.  You will once again get to see your favourite celebrities, actors and others wearing the long gladiators.

White Shoes

white shoes

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There is one dominant colour in the footwear world every year and for this year, the colour is white. You will get to witness a lot of people wearing white shoes just like the 60s. Whether it is boots or flats, sandals or sports shoes, several footwear styles will be seen in white colour this year.



Slippers have always been in vogue but only when it came to going to use the restroom but you will see a lot of slippers around this year, even under casual and formal attire. The slippers would be seen in many variants and designs with top footwear designers stepping into the world of slipper designing.

Oxford Flats

oxford flats

We saw a lot of oxford flat colours and design trends in 2015 and the same trend is expected to remain this year as well. Oxford flats are highly fashionable footwear types suitable for both males and females. These flats work well under pants, trousers and even shorts and will be available even more widely this year around.

Statement Heels

statement heels

From studded heels to heels in outrageous colours, statement heels will be in vogue this year as well. With top designers like Gucci and ferragamo stepping into designing stand out heels, it would be no surprise if you don’t spot outrageous heels on streets, in theatres and in parties.



If you thought that the trend of sneakers was out, then you are mistaken. Sneakers are definitely here to stay and will be in vogue even during the summer months. Sneakers don’t only go well with jeans and tees but also with shorts, skirts, palazzo pants and all kinds of different looks.


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