The word polo brings to mind an image of formality and tradition. But though the game inherits a lot of aestheticism, in US it is very casual with most clubs not maintaining any dress code unless there is a formal dinner in the clubhouse. So in the United States mixed attire from casual denims to khakis, button down shirts and sundresses are a common sight. High heels are not advisable due to unpaved areas.

However, on the contrary a polo match in a British set up calls for glamorous and a “dressy” feel emulating the Pretty Woman scene. In UK the polo clubs have formal dress code and do not allow jeans and sportswear either for men or women. Gentlemen need to wear a jacket and collared shirt when in a restaurant with trousers and blazer. Ties are not compulsory and Panama hat is a common accessory seen. The ladies normally wear a summery dress teaming with a cardigan, jacket or shawl or a simple tailored dress with matching glamorous accessories makes a good combination.

what to wear to the polo match

Some Recommendations:

  • So at a given polo match, diverse range of outfits is seen ranging from stilettos to flip-flops. The fabric and colour worn all over is clean, elegant, light and simple.
  • In the VIP box, the audience prefer to wear beautiful dresses and light linen suits.


Khaki or coloured pants, a crisp collared shirt and a sport coat looks dashing and completes the look.


Preferably dresses or slacks and a blouse are normal recommendations. For the ladies long silk clean white maxi dresses or pretty sun dresses in floral prints is advisable. The dresses or the skirts can have short-front long black hems in either pastel or vibrant hues. White brim hats also do wonders and of course the signature glares completes you.


  • Comfortable is the real essence. Loafers, boots, sneakers and sandals ate all accepted. Wedges and flats for the ladies would be appreciated.
  • Stilettos are a complete no-no and summer wedges or comfortable sandals keep you at ease the entire day. With high heels you will only slip deeper into the long grass for people to stare and chuckle at your discomfort. A flat soled shoe is also important because at interval when you decide to parade right in the middle of the field and take part in divot stomping you will have to stomp the grass back into the dirt

A large hat to protect from harsh weather is advisable and the game being outdoor, always keep in mind the weather and dress accordingly.


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