Have you lately been wondering why you have suddenly started looking old or older?  Well it could be something to do with what you wear and what fashion choices you make. Yes, there are many fashion mistakes that tend to make people look older. If you wish to avoid looking old and want to look younger than your age, you must avoid making these mistakes. The following are the top fashion mistakes that must be avoided in order to look young and radiant.

top fashion mistakes that make you look older

Wearing Dull Colours

If you are in the habit of wearing dull colours then this could be one fashion mistake that may make you look older than your age. Wearing colours like grey, beige, browns, creams and others on a regular basis can make you appear aged but on the other hand if you change this by including some bright shades in your wardrobe, then this may reduce down your a few years from your overall appearance.

Gray hair

Not everyone can pull off gray hair like George Clooney, isn’t it? Well gray hair may be in and out of fashion but not everyone can carry them and still manage to look young. If your current hairstyle includes gray hair, then this might be making you look older than you are and is a big fashion disaster.

Wearing Reading Glasses

Reading glasses should be used only to fulfil the purpose that they are meant to-reading. Yes, wearing reading glasses on a regular basis and all the time can also make you look much older and could prove to be a fashion disaster for most people.

Mom Jeans

Fond of wearing comfortable mom jeans? Well while it may make you feel good and comfortable but at the same time it can also make you look aged. Avoid wearing such jeans outdoors and keep them restricted to indoor or home use.

The Wrong Handbag

Another major fashion mistake which may be making you look old is carrying the wrong handbag. If you like to carry old lady handbags, then you must immediately stop doing that as it may be adding several years to your appearance and is a thing of the past.

Too much or too Little Makeup

Makeup plays an important role in deciding how old you look. Too much or too little of it can make you look older and should be avoided.


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