It is true that fashion keeps changing with time and the world accepts and implements latest fashion to be in sync with the times. But there are certain fashion rules and tips which remain the same and don’t change with changing fashion scenario. If you wish to know these golden fashion tips and remain stylish and fashionable, you can go through the following given information.

fashion tips of all time

1. Show Skin Strategically

Looking sexy isn’t all about showing skin but knowing what to show and what to hide. It is important to show skin strategically and let the rest remain mystery. Make sure you flaunt that part of the body which is at its fittest best and the most beautiful.  Also, if you are showing your cleavage, keeps the legs hidden and vice-versa.

2. Accessorize in Bright Colours

Another fashion tip of all time is to accessorize yourself with bright colours. Even if you wear dull colours, it is important to add a speck of brightness and this can be done by carrying a bright colored, bag, shoes, sunglasses or footwear.

3. Know your Body Type and Dress Accordingly

Another fashion tip to keep in mind for the best results is to know your body type and dress accordingly. A lot of people make the mistake of wearing what highlights their body faults rather than wearing what adds to their appeal.

4. Dress According to the Season

It is important to dress up according to the season. Choose materials, cuts, designs, colours and accessories depending upon the season you are in. Doing the opposite of that can really put you out of your fashion game and may not be well received.

5. Know your Strengths

It is very important to know the strengths of your body when you pick up not just clothes but also bags, footwear and other accessories. This helps you to shop smartly and look your possible best.

6. Have the Fashion Essentials

There are a few fashion items which everyone must own and so should you. Some of these include a basic pair of denim, a short black dress, nude heels, a formal shirt and others. Make sure you have each of these to let your fashion game be up all the time.

7. Wear the Right Underclothes

What you wear inside has a huge impact on how you appear and how you feel. So make sure you pay a lot of attention to your underclothes.


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