A woman goes through a sea change after pregnancy and childbirth, starting from her priorities, her mental set up and of course the physical outlook. A grooming regimen takes a backseat and a shower takes the form of luxury. But if you follow certain beauty tips you can still look a lot better if not drop dead gorgeous. First and foremost when you are staring back at the mirror, you need to feel the strength and beauty of a woman. Your confidence level will automatically rise for you to make you that perfect mother and woman together.

tips and tricks to look gorgeous even after delivery

Reaching Out for Help

Ask for help from immediate family members to baby sit so that you can take time out for some exercise and beauty care or just relax for a while which too helps a lot.

The Beginning of the Day

The first few minutes waking up makes an impact on the entire day. So however tired you feel, freshen up with a bath and some basic make up, a gloss and a eyeliner just to feel chirpy enough.


Plan out a workout routine without rushing for it and pursue it only after consulting a doctor. This exercise routine will help you to shed all pregnancy weight and make you feel top of the world.

Taking Power Naps

Do not deprive yourself of the much needed siesta and try and sleep whenever you can. Otherwise you will be down mentally and will look like a haggard.

Look after your Diet

Following a proper diet chart is not only to look good but also to breast feed properly with offering the best possible nutrients. Keep yourself hydrated always with plenty of fluid intake.

Dress Well

The yoga pants and maternity gowns can now take a back seat and wear clean fitting clothes. You don’t have to do a wardrobe redo but dress sensibly and aesthetically.


Take out a few hours when have someone to baby sit and head to the salon for a pedicure or a facial that should maintain you for a few months.

You can Also Follow a Simple Makeover Regime

To Reduce Dark Circle and Under Eye Swelling

While sleeping use a thick pillow and avoid any fluid during bedtime. Use a concealer or home remedies like potato and cucumber slices to offer relief.

To Lessen the Dark Complexion

Moisturise and exfoliate your skin daily regularly to improve upon the complexion.

So use the above the tips to look the best since looking good will enable you to be a stress free better mother.


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