Handbags are surely an essential piece of accessory for every woman in the world.  They are not only the most practical accessory but also one with which a lot of experimentation can be done. Starting from a few bucks, the price of handbags can go up to thousands of dollars and this has a lot to do with the material, design and of course the brand.   Those who love buying branded handbags are always interested in knowing the top most popular handbags in the world and below given is the list of the same.

popular handbag brands in the world

1. Prada

Prada has always been known for its unique statement bags around the world. It is one of the oldest handbag brands and was established in 1913.  Its handbags come in many designs, sizes, materials and price brackets but besides handbags, it is also known for its perfumes, footwear and clothing.

2. Chanel

Chanel is a favourite among the ladies. Chanel handbags are classic bags which every female wants to own in their lifetime. Not only are they known for their quality but are also a symbol of class, status and taste. Available in many colours, these bags are also among the most expensive ones in the world.

3. Hermes

The popular matte crocodile birkin bag is one of the most popular bags in the world.  This company has many other such popular and very expensive bags to offer and each one of them is a classic one indeed. Owning a Hermes puts one into the league of the upper class of society.

4. Louis Vuitton

This is a brand whose name is synonymous with luxury.  This is a French company which has been in fashion news ever since it was first established and is known for elegant, classy and expensive bags.  With a lot of variety to offer, this brand is often considered one of the best handbag manufacturers in the world.

5. Fendi

From simple and stylish bags to some outrageous and out of the box designs, Fendi is another popular handbag maker in the world. This brand has its showrooms all across the world and has truly reached out to a large population with its collection of not just bags but also belts, ties, footwear and clothing.

6. Burberry

From classic totes to wallets and from shopping bags to classy clutches, Burberry is yet another popular handbag which is known all across the world.


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