A workout session at the gym can make you feel energetic and get you going. But most of youwould have encountered a number of people at the gym, who make your day a little more than what you expected.

It’s quite common for gym goers to come across such people. So unless you want to join the list of ‘spectacles’ at the gym, it’s important that you get your head in the game and put together a decent workout outfit.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when working out at the gym.

dos and don’ts of workout outfits

1. Don’t Wear Baggy Outfits

Some people prefer going to the gym in baggy shirts and sweat pants but that just kills the mood. To feel energetic and ready to sweat, you must pick up something that looks and feels flattering. If you don’t feel confident enough, you won’t feel motivated enough to work. Do check out workout clothes from Fabletics to get the best workout outfits.

2. Don’t Wear a Skimpy Outfit

A big no! Boys, you need to keep your shirt on and girls that sports bra is not to be flaunted around. It won’t only make you feel uncomfortable but also the people around you. The perfect solution would be to go for something that moderately covers up your body and at the same time makes you feel sporty.

3. Do Get Comfortable Shoes

Before we start on how inappropriate flip-flops are for gym, you should know that they can be a possible safety hazard. Proper workout shoes not only compliments your whole outfit but can save you from physical harm too. You wouldn’t want to sprain that ankle on the treadmill just because you thought the new sandals looked good with your leggings. Check out why it’s important to wear comfortable shoes during workout.

4. Do Match your Outfit with your Workout

How does that work? Well, you might feel more comfortable in yoga pants during a yoga session as compared to tight leggings. So decide beforehand as to what your day’s workout requirements are so that you may dress accordingly.

5. Don’t Wear too Much Make Up

An intense workout is ultimately going to ruin your makeup so why waste so much time on that? Instead you can opt for a light touch of blush, gloss and mascara and you’ll still look lovely. If what you really want is to impress the guys at the gym, just do that by keeping fit.That Barbie doll look will just make it look as if you are trying too hard.

Just go along with these few tips and you’ll surely avoid being stereotyped a certain gym goer. Do everyone a favor and dress appropriately. It’ll make the whole experience more worthwhile. Have a nice day!


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