When you plan to go to a gala night or simply to a dinner date with your partner, no dress seems to be more appropriate than a cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses are the favorite pickups for all kind of social gatherings, be it a formal party or the wedding receptions. Adding some graceful adornments and beautiful accessories to your cocktail dress would make you the center of attraction.

Some people may continue to follow the old trends and some may blindly opt the new ones, regardless of whether it is suiting their appearance and body type. Therefore, there are some very important tips that you need to follow to accessorize a cocktail dress.

tips to accessorize a cocktail dress

  • Commence with a pair of gorgeous looking drop earrings. Elegant, stoned and sophisticated earrings, matching the color of your dress will present you in the best manner.
  • Pick-up a nice and sleek necklace to compliment your cocktail dress. You will draw more attention if you decide to wear a single stranded necklace with some precious stones or diamond. You can even go in for featured gemstones necklace to beautify your cocktail gown. Depending upon the neckline, a necklace with chunky stones and colorful trinkets will garner people’s attention.
  • Wearing a bracelet is a choice because some people like it and some don’t. But, if you are dressing in a little black cocktail dress or a full party gown, do not go bare hand. Choose a decent looking, sleek bracelet to enhance the look of your dress. You may also wear a fashionable watch if you are not a bracelet-lover.
  • If your outfit has beads, search for a beaded hand purse. It is not a good idea to mark your presence at a cocktail affair without a little hand purse. If your dress is black and sophisticated, just go in for a black hand clutch with some rhinestones on it. Metallic unique shaped clutches are also in trend. Make sure to avert anything that has a strap.
  • For the summer cocktail affairs, put on a pair of high heels, strappy and shiny footwear. For the later cold months, you can go in for peep toes, or patent bright colored heels.
  • Since you wish to look elegant and gorgeous, drop out the idea of accessorizing yourself with heavy stones jewelry. These kinds of jewelries snip the beauty and shrinks the prettiness of the cocktail outfit that you have chosen to wear.


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