Fedora is a type of a hat with a depressed crown and a stretched brim. Introduced in early 1891, these hats are in great trend amongst both men and women. Fedora hats are considered as a symbol of style, standard and sophistication. Given below are some cool ways to flaunt your fedora. The list includes both formal and informal ways to wear a fedora hat.

cool ways to wear a fedora


  • Fedora caps are appropriate for both formal as well as casual occasion. You can match a black elite fedora with a shiny black suit. Wear a white collared shirt underneath your coat and complete your looks by pairing black leather shoes. Your fedora may also have a colored band matching the color of the tie that you have picked for yourself.
  • If you are not gearing up to a formal look, just pick up your favorite colored shirt or a striped shirt and pair your fedora with that. Position the hat straight on your head with its brim parallel to your eyebrows.
  • For the summer season, you can pull a great tee shirt or a collared short-sleeve shirt. Try wearing darker shades and match a gray banded fedora hat. You can wear khaki pants and brown color leather shoes to complete your looks.
  • Talking about the casual side, you can even wear your fedora by twisting the angle of the hat little upwards and showing off your forehead. For the funky looks, you can choose colored tees, vests, denims and cargo pants. Your fedora must have a funky band or a one liner or you can add your own personal flair to it.


  • Though fedoras are generally considered as “men’s accessory”, some of the women like to wear it too. For the women, fedora hats are worn for a casual looks. If you have thought of wearing a long tunic or your favorite skinny pants, you can pick a black colored fedora hat and wear it in a tilted style. Add some accessories such as danglers, a long neckpiece and don a pair of smart stilettoes to give a complete “city chic” look.
  • A yet another way to flaunt a fedora is to pair it up with sassy tank tops or crop tops. Following the current fashion trend, fedora hats look cool when donned perfectly according to the color scheme of your attire. Keep your fedora simple and sophisticated with fewer adornments.


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