Many people amongst you are confused between Chinos and Khakis. Even the fashion industries experts have said that these terms can be used interchangeably but there is a fine line of fashion difference between the two bottom wear.

Due to the rising trends of styled pants, top designers from all over the world are putting in efforts to create new forms of chinos and khakis. It is important for the buyers to understand some points of differences between Chinos and khakis as listed below:

chinos vs khakis

  • One of the distinct differences between Khakis and Chinos is the tailored stitching. The pants with visible stitching pattern are Khaki pants whereas the one in which the stitching is properly concealed are Chinos. Being tailored fit and concealed stitched, Chinos are considered to be dressier and they have an overall finished look, as compared to Khakis.
  • While deciding on Chinos vs khakis, Chinos are made up of lightweight 100% cotton fabric or cotton-blend fabric whereas Khakis are heavier in their weight. The fabric that is used to stich Khaki pants is a heavy weighing cross stitched cotton fabric.
  • People now-a-days like to wear chinos as compared to the khaki pants because of their narrow patterned stitching. Chinos pants are made slimmer and smarter and hence provide a perfect look for any kind of social event. Khaki pants are more commonly worn by people of mid age.
  • For the fashion lovers, Chinos are always a priority because of the available color options. Chinos are available in almost all the colors whereas Khaki pants are stitched mostly in Earthy tones such as light brown, navy, beige or black.
  • Chinos are the casual looking pants with flat front and hidden pockets. These pants are the must haves for the men for all kinds of occasions, be it a formal or an informal. Chinos have no flaps and have generally tapered bottoms. Whereas Khaki pants have pleated front and visible pockets. These pants are often worn on social family gatherings and have loops in between the waistline.
  • Chino pants require light ironing to give it a finished look. Whereas Khaki pants require proper tight ironing because of the weight of the fabric used.

Both Chinos as well as Khaki pants are confortable to wear in all kinds of climate and both of these are apt for multiple occasions. The choice depends upon the individual’s preference and style statement.

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