Strapless dresses are the most stylish and elegant looking dresses that are the favorites of almost all the girls. These never go out of fashion and are perfect for flaunting your toned shoulders. Considered to be universally flattering and accessory friendly, strapless dresses can sometimes be annoying too.

All of you might have experienced the slip of your strapless dress at least once in an entire day and you feel the need to pull it up at least dozens of times. To manage your dress with confidence, here are some very useful tips to wear strapless attire.

tips to wear strapless dress

Try to Layer a Tee Underneath your Strapless Dress

If you wear a strapless tee under your dress, the extra stuffing would hold the dress tightly to your bare body. Also, it would give you a totally defined and perfect figure.

Choose Rubber Striped Strapless Dress

There are many strapless dresses that have thin silicon rubber strip stitched in the inner seam area of the dress. Since rubber will provide some type of resistance against your skin, the likelihood of the dress falling down would decrease. Therefore you should prefer choosing a strapless dress with rubber strip.

Sticky Tape is a Yet Another Option

If you have selected a dress for yourself and it doesn’t have that rubber strip stitched in it, you can even use a fashion sticky tape. This tape does not harm your dress or body but it surely save you from the embarrassment that you might face.

Do not go Braless

Strapless bras might seem finicky to wear and carry but it should be worn positively when you are planning to wear strapless dress. It gives shape to your bodice and will act as a grabber between your body and the dress. You can select from the variety of options available in the market according to your dress but never go braless!

Pick the Right Size

Repeatedly pulling your dress up all the night never looks elegant. It draws away the beauty and you end up looking unconfident. Always choose tightly fitted corset strapless dress. If the dress that you chose doesn’t fit your size, get it tailored so that it holds on to your body during the entire duration.

Glam it up

Since you know that the major part of your shoulders and neck would be exposed off while wearing a strapless dress, choose a flattering necklace to pair.


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