In this world of fashion, everyone around you is getting conscious about their looks from top to bottom. When it comes to dressing up perfectly, footwear plays an important role. When we talk about women’s wardrobe, heels are considered as the raged accessories.

No matter heels are uncomfortable to some; people always wish to buy different types of heels to look cool, fashionable and elegant. If you are willing to invest in buying heels, choose the ones which are comfortable to carry, easy to balance and stylish in looks. For all the crazy heels fans, here is a list of top 6 types of heels that are famous in the fashion industry.

Wedge Heels

wedge heels

These types of heels are known to be most comfortable to carry as it covers the major part of the surface of your toe. Due to its large surface area, it provides more support to the arch and hence considered better than other heels.

Kitten Heels

This heel matches with any kind of outfit and looks stylish when worn. Since these heels are not too high, it can be worn by elderly people as well. Commonly referred as “young girl stilettoes” these heels will never go out of trend.


These are typically the highest heels, measuring up to 8 inches maximum. These are very thin and steep and can be difficult to carry. When we talk about the fashion world, stilettoes are the most widely chosen heels amongst celebs and youngsters.


Pump shoes come in variety of options such as peep toes, platform sandals or pump shoes. These heels are quite comfortable if you wish to carry them for the entire day. They are mostly designed in extremely trendy designs and are perfect choices for the girls wearing “little black dress”. These heels also belong to the category of high heels and are designed maximum up to 4 inches.

Sling Backs

sling backs

If you wish to have some stability while you wear high heels footwear, sling backs are the perfect options. These heels have a natty strap at the back to give support to your ankle.

Chunky Heels

Compared to stilettoes, these heels have a wider square type base. The chunkier base at the bottom offers more space and comfort when you walk around. Designed mostly in medium length, you can pair it up with your denims, evening gowns or chic dresses.


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