Some say that 40 is the new 20’s. The sentence senior fashion sounds more like an oxymoron and most of the women in their late 40’s experience difficulties with fashion trends. There are some dos and don’ts that you should follow in order to walk hand in hand with the latest fashion cultures when you step towards your forties. Given below are the fashion tips:

fashion tips for ladies over 40

1. Go off the Baggy Clothes that Weigh Down your Looks

Avoid wearing loose and baggy clothes because such type of clothes would make you look older. Instead, go in for fitted crisp tops with some elegant accessories. Your style and fashion sense when you are 40 should not be boring and dull.

2. Go in for Anti-Ageing Hairstyles

It is a myth that hairstyles and hairdos for ladies over 40 look old and hoary. Try to turn your dull and lifeless hair into a totally fresh look by consulting a hair stylist.

3. Drop Down the Idea of Wearing Black

Black is surely not the color for the ladies over 40. If you choose to wear different shades of clothes, you can look 10 times younger. The rich vibrant colors generally honor the dynamic features of the ladies in their 40’s.

4. Do not Try to be Someone you are not

Once you cross the age of 40, make sure that you choose such clothes that doesn’t pull away your actual identity. Such clothes would diminish your self-confidence. Opting elegant, simple looking apparel with simple accessories would make you look poised and dignified.

5. Avoid Hiding Behind your Old Clothes

When you cross the age of 40, its time that you honor your ageless spirit by wearing fresh and elegant clothes and not the old ones, which might leave you stuck in your past times. Instead of repeating your old clothes, go in for the new fashion attire that suits you.

6. Consider Coloring your Hair

The ladies in her 40’s or late 40’s inevitably have little gray hair. To get a makeover and to walk according to the fashion, you can just consider coloring your gray hair to the original hair color. This won’t make much difference to your hairstyle but it would naturally give you a fresh look.

7. Choose the Right Footwear

Sharp stilettoes and strappy heels are for the young girls. Always wear the shoes in which you can walk comfortably. Flats, pumps, boots, platform heel sandals, broader heels footwear and feminine shape provide comfort and elegance.


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