Aren’t sweatshirts the most comfortable pieces of clothing?  Not only can you wear them when feeling lazy at home or on weekends but also when stepping out for coffee or high tea. They are warm and cozy and can provide your relief from the chilly weather outside.

Most people wear sweatshirts with jeans but it is important to know that they can be styled in many other ways to pep up your look and make them look more than just loungewear. The following are the top most amazing ways to style your sweatshirt:

ways to style your sweatshirt

Pair it up with a Leather Skirt

Leather skirts are so in fashion right now and a sweatshirt on top of one such skirt can look absolutely amazing. The leather adds a touch of class to your whole look and makes you look much more chic.

Add a Patterned Scarf

There are many accessories that go well with sweatshirts and one of them is a patterned scarf. Not only this further protects you from the cold but also makes your look more amazing. Choose a nice color and print, one which goes well in contrast with the color of your sweatshirt.

Wear Motorcycle Boots

Another good way to add more glamour and style to your sweatshirt look is to wear motorcycle boots with it. These boots are also in fashion currently and will add to the appeal of your apparel.

Fancy Heels

If you think you are looking too casual in your sweatshirt, then what you can do is that you can wear fancy heels with it. Pairing the sweatshirt up with jeans or skirts and then putting on classy heels will not make you feel casual in your look.

Put on a Denim or Leather Jacket

Another styling tip for a sweatshirt is wearing a denim or leather jacket on top of it. This will pep up your casual look and will also act as a cover from the cold outside.

Tall Boots

Wearing a sweatshirt with winter boots is also yet another creative and fashionable way to style your look. Boots look fabulous in winters and can totally add ounces of style to your outfit.

Wear a Shirt Underneath

Wear a long shirt underneath your sweatshirt and bring out the collars from top to add that missing factor to your look. Opt for a plaid shirt.

Thus follow the above given tips and look stylish wearing your sweatshirt.


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