Gone are the days when fashion trends and styles were only meant for women. Now a days, even men are competing well in styling themselves with good quality clothes, branded accessories and touch ups to give complete handsome looks.Given below is the list of wardrobe essentials for style conscious men.

wardrobe essentials for menBottom Wear

Jeans and Chinos

A pair of raw denim is considered as the most versatile investment in your wardrobe. Jeans are casually looking and can be worn consecutively more than any other bottom wear such as pants, chinos, shorts etc. Choose properly fitted jeans that should not look loose from the knee points. Chinos are also must have in your wardrobes that match up well with different colored tee shirts, button downs, and shirts.


shorts are considered as an important item in the wardrobe to experience comfort in the warmer days. The color choice is different for different people but the best ones come in poplin, khaki, and linen.

Top Wear

Oxford Button Downs

Oxford button-down shirts are nowadays the favorite pick up of men. Tailored fit, thick collar, and a buttoned oxford shirt is the most staple wardrobe essential for men.

Patterned Button-Ups

Along with a collection of sober button-down shirts, check patterned shirts must also be there in your wardrobe. When paired up with chinos, jeans, and jackets, these look very stylish.

Tee Shirts

Choosing a right tee for you can be a tricky task. A tee can be as basic as you can think but the right design and color are needed. An important point while selecting a tee for you is its fit. If you pick a loose one, you will look too sloppy but if you pick a slimmer one, it will look small.



Concentrating on the footwear essentials, boots are considered as the most important add-on in the wardrobe. Invest in quality boots that are long-lasting. Go in for some leather, high collared boots and pair it up with chinos or pants.


There are times when you just want to dress up casually and look stylish. Sneakers are that time the best choice. Grey, white, black and navy blue colored sneakers are the most versatile wardrobe essentials for men.

Leather Shoes

When you wish to dress up not so cool but sober, leather shoes are the best. Buy a pair of branded, high quality, moccasin style shoes to add it to your wardrobe.

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