Defining fashion nowadays is not really an easy task. The trends in fashion changes to such a limit that people have become superficial and they believe that they will be accepted in the society only if they have good appearance or are skilled with extraordinary fashion sense.

Because of the repeatedly increasing obsession of the girls regarding size zero figures, model like appearance, glamorous dressing, and society is being greatly affected with these unmaterialistic fashion doses.  Given below is an article that will expose you to the reality of fashion trends and the ill effects that it has on our society.

harmful effects of trending and fashion to the society

Fashion: A Bizarre Makeover

  • Clothes, accessories and the look that you choose for yourself naturally reflect who you are, what you like and what your standards are. This is indeed a bizarre situation! Many amongst us are always running here and there to follow a particular trend and many on the other hand themselves want to become trend setters! 90% of people try and copy fashion sense either from the TV, movies, fashion industry etc.
  • Fashion is something that never lets a person stay stable and it treats you like a hanger. If it’s the trend of red color, everybody wears red, if its black the other season, people are fitted in black, if it’s short and above knees, people wear shortest, someday it is backless, the other day it is the cut from the front. You are being simply treated like a toy! Is it freedom to fashion? No it is just a burden caused to the society.

The Misinterpretation of Fashion and its ill Effects

  • The wrongly described “fashion world” simply destroys person’s individuality, confidence and personal style. It causes much harm to the society in a way that some people are accepted for the flawless look that they carry and some are just excluded and rejected for their bad appearance.
  • There are instances when ladies compare themselves with Barbie doll sized figure models and celebrities and hence feel insecure. They do not realize that they have set the goals that are unachievable simply because those models are edited with Photoshop!
  • People nowadays do not understand that every trend is different in its own sense and that fashion should not be biased just towards the western culture.

Fashion would make more sense to the society if it would concentrate on the inner beauty than on unrealistic pancaked appearance. There should be a strict boundary to everything and anything! It is rightly said that “fashion is greedy and it somehow kills individuality”.

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