Sling bags are the backpacks with one strap that are most commonly worn across your torso. Available in many colors and designs, these look chic, fashionable and trendy to carry. Sling bags have become a favorite of almost all the youngsters across the globe. Even amongst the celebrities, sling bags are becoming the favorite pickups.  Below given are some ways in which you can carry your sling bag in style.

ways to flaunt your sling bag

  • The strap of the sling crosses from your left shoulder to the right hip: This is the most common way that people opt while carrying their sling bag. It is important that you carry your sling bag in style and confidence as it may affect your walking style.
  • The strap of the sling crosses from your right shoulder to the left hip: This is a yet another way to sport your sling. When paired up with some trendy boots and a chic pullover, the sling bag carried in this way would look too cool to carry.
  • Strap on the right/left shoulder: Some people might not like to carry their sling across their body. This is another way in which you can flaunt your sling bag. When you plan to wear hot pants or some colorful chinos for the chic weekend, carrying your sling in such a way would add to your appearance.
  • The strap of the sling bags should always be adjusted according to your height. Too long straps might end you up in slouching! Neither too long not too short straps of the sling bags are in fashion. The strap of the sling bag should be kept appropriately according to your handedness.
  • It is not always necessary that your sling bag should totally match up with the color of the dress that you’re wearing. Just remember to keep up to the tones you are wearing and it would surely compliment your attire.
  • For the casual, chic and trendy looks go in for colorful designer sling bags. There are many sling bags available with funny quotes and sentences written over it. For the formal or semi-formal look, go in for leather style sling bags. If you are working in some company that requires professional look, do not go in for trendy or cool sling bags instead select a decent looking black, brown or wine colored branded sling.

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