Each one of us needs some cool tips to look confident, fresh, cool and stylish on the very first day of our college. First day at the campus is indeed remembered throughout life and it can be both intimidating as well as exciting. Every student aspires to be a show stopper and an eye catcher to all the new faces in and around the college. Here are some cool tips that may help you look sassy, cool and fresh on the first day of your college.

fashion tips first day of college

  • The most important thing while you head towards your college for the very first day is the look on your face. You should not look untidy or messy but instead look fresh with well combed hair, blushed face and shining appearance.
  • As it is said that first impression is the last impression, do not follow the stars but be your own star! Create your own unique style and try not to copy all the Hollister! As visual appearance is better than all the other impressions, carry a smart handbag which has vibrant colors.
  • For boys, it is advised to have clean shaved face, shining hair and well ironed tee. For the girls, light makeup, a stylish hairdo and a nice pick up of dress is must.
  • If you are looking for some accessories, make sure that what you pick matches with your attire. If you are planning to wear a short cool dress on the first day, pair it up with some beautiful neck piece, earing, high heel sandals and a nice tidy hair style.
  • Denims and jeans are considered as the most versatile pickup in your clothing. Make sure you choose denim that does not appear loose to you. Colors of the season are black, ink blue, beige and electric blue. Casual colored, well fitted chinos and pants are also in trend and can give you some very cool looks.
  • Since the sessions in colleges generally starts in summers, make sure that you chose sweat absorbent fabrics for your clothing. As the weather remains hot and humid, keep in mind to choose lighter colors that suits your skin color. In addition, do not forget to use a good brand perfume, or a long lasting deodorant to avoid drenching in sweat and having smelly pit strains on the very first day of your college.
  • For having some cool and stylish looks, go in for peep toe shows, sneakers or some fashionable flip flops. This looks casual and happening when paired up properly.

Follow these tips to make the first day of your college, the most happening, stylish and an exciting day.


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