Have you booked your tickets for the upcoming music festivals but you are not sure what to wear? Are you running here and there for the best fashion pick for your music concert? Yes! These are some of the most commonly observed scenes when the music concerts and festivals are around the corner.

Depending upon the genre of the music festival, people want to dress up in the best of their attires. If its western music hours, you will find girls dressed up in hot pants, short skirts, tank tops and tees. If it’s a cultural music festival, you will find people dressed up in the most ethnic manner, flaunting their traditional clothes and enjoying the melodies in an elegant way.

fashion pick while going to a music festival


Given below are some of the fashion picks that may help you chose what to wear while you are heading for your music festival

At the Western Music Festivals

If you are going to attend some of the hit pop western and English music concerts taking place in and around the town, do not make “less is best” as your philosophy. You can wear a smart tribal printed one piece or a neon hot dress and pair it up with some sassy footwear. Also, fringed, crochet, bohemian prints, and rainbow bright tees and tops are much in fashion.

Keep the proportions in mind, if you plan to wear teeny hot shorts, drop in the idea of wearing crop tops. For the guys, cool printed tee shirts with neckpieces look trendy. If the music festival is scheduled for the sunny day, accessorize your attire with hot sunglasses and a beautiful headgear. Keep your makeup minimum so that you look natural at the festival.

At the Ethnic or Cultural Music Festival

If you are excited to enjoy the soft, serene music at some cultural music festivals, remember not to dress up too loud. Keep it simple, sober and elegant. For the girls and ladies, wearing a designer, well pleated gorgeous sari is the best fashion pick. Adding some glamorous accessories such as a neckpiece, graceful earrings etc can make you an eye catcher for the event. For the guys, it can be some ethnic looking traditional cloths, paired up with elegant accessories.

Weather you have booked your seats for a western music festival or for the cultural music festivals, dressing up too loud and garish does not get you attention. It is the fashion sense and the way in which you carry the attire that makes you the center of attraction!


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