The era of 90’s might have come and gone, but some of the fashion trends are still in full drifts! These days, people are following “what’s old is new” technique and are choosing the fashion styles that were common in 1990’s. As it is rightly said that history repeats itself, this is true in fashion era too. From gingham dresses to minimal coats, given below is a list of fashion items from 90’s that are much in trend these days.

  • Neon Colors: Neon colors such as neon green, neon orange, neon pink etc are the most stylish fashion colors that were introduced in 90’s but are famous today too. Neon colored tights, leggings, shorts and skater dresses are the most commonly worn fashion items amongst women that were a part of 90’s as well.
  • Grunge: In the middle of 90’s grunge fashion was introduced for women that consisted of ripped jeans, band tee shirts, oversized knit sweaters and droopy skirts. Nowadays, you will see most of the women flaunting these cool apparels.
  • Crop tops, tube tops, maxi dresses, boot cut dress pants and disco themed dresses were prominent in late 1990’s. These fashion items have made such a comeback that most of the girls in their teenage lives are seen wearing crop tops with colored jeggings, high ankle boots and short dresses.

crop tops

  • Some other fashion items that have made a cool comeback from 90’s are butterfly hairclips, headgears, flowery headbands, metallic hair accessories, sleek stone studded hairpiece and ethnic style hair clips.
  • Amongst men, high waist jeans, V neck pullovers, soccer shorts, baseball jackets, monkey jackets and flannel shirts were the mainstream fashion items in 1990’s. Even now most of the men are seen wearing colorful V neck sweaters with monkey wash jackets.
  • Chokers: Chokers were the favorite pickups of the people of 90’s. Its fame and popularity has lived till today. Worn with crew tops and deep plunging tops, these look cool and sexy when paired up with tuxedo jackets and edged blazers.


  • Overalls and Dungaree dressed: Dungaree dress is the most favorable comeback fashion item from 90’s. Overalls and dungarees were chosen for elementary schools back in 90’s but its classic looks makes it a best choice for the people these days.

dungaree dressed

It is rightly said by someone that “Old is Gold” and therefore people are styling themselves with the fashion items and trends of 90’s.


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