Semi-permanent make up is a kind of a makeup in which a pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using especially designed machines which are specifically created for the medical and cosmetic market.  This process is also known as micro pigmentation and is usually opted by busy women, celebs and models who need to look their best all the time or those who may not have the time to apply make up again and again.

This is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment which is slowly becoming very popular across the world as an increasing number of women are opting for it. But is this really a quick fix solution or is something that can be harmful? Let’s find out.

semi-permanent makeup

  • Semi-permanent makeup is not only a fashion fad but can prove useful for those who remain very busy and wish to avoid the daily frustration of applying makeup. This treatment generally lasts for about 3-5 years and is carried out in the most hygienic and safe way using safe tools and items.
  • It helps you to achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows and things like a lipstick that will last for years as well as non-smudge eyeliner etc. This can be an answer to every woman’s smudging make up woes.
  • Semi-permanent makeup makes use of colored pigments implanted into the skin to give effects of makeup which lasts 24/7. It creates an evergreen fresh look on your face and can make you look beautiful all day long.
  • The treatment procedure can be taken by women between 18 and 88 years of age and really helps to enhance their confidence levels.
  • While it is true that micro pigmentation offers many benefits and is effective but at the same time it can also have certain risks involved. People may experience some amount of discomfort while using this treatment and may also feel some pain while getting it done.
  • Some mild side effects include swelling and redness which may go away after a few days.
  • Allergic reactions to this treatment may also take place sometimes but these can be treated if you see the doctor and ask for a cure.
  • In some cases the implantation or pigmentation process may damage the hair follicles present under your skin and this is also a side effect.
  • If proper hygiene standards are not followed, then certain skin infections can also take place.

So it is upto you to decide whether semi permanent make up is a fashion fad worth the risk or is it something to be avoided.


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