Just like weddings have a formal dressing etiquette to follow and office interviews need people to come dressed in a formal way, funerals too require the same seriousness towards the dressing. When you visit someone’s funeral and take part in the grieving, you must not be dressed casually as that can sometimes hurt the feelings of the family of the deceased person.

Every culture has a different funeral dressing etiquette but here, we shall discuss the most general etiquette to be followed. So read on to find out more.

dressing etiquette to follow when going for a funeral

  • The common etiquette that one must follow when attending a funeral ceremony is to go for semi-formal clothing. For men, it is a suit with a tie whereas for women, it is best to be dressed in a formal skirt and blouse or shirt and pants.
  • In most countries, the colors that one must wear at funerals are darker colors like black, dark blue, browns or dark grey etc. One must avoid wearing brighter colors and tones like red, oranges, yellow and greens etc. as they signify happiness and brightness that may seem inappropriate on someone’s grieving ceremony.
  • One must be sharply dressed in clean, washed and properly ironed clothes. The clothing must be fit and must not seem out of place. No over-the-top fashionable designs or concealing clothes must be worn and one must maintain a dignity and conduct in the way of their dressing.
  • Women must either tie their hair or must pin them in an appropriate manner whereas men must comb their hair when coming for a funeral ceremony.
  • When it comes to shoes or footwear, one must wear semi-formal footwear. Men must go for semi-formal black shoes whereas women must opt for dark heals or flat footwear. One must avoid wearing footwear which makes sound when the person walks. The shoes must be well coordinated with the clothing.
  • Women must avoid wearing over-the-top jewellery or ornaments. They must refrain from wearing too many accessories and should stick to basic ones like a purse, an umbrella and a few pieces of necessary jewelry. If the funeral is outside the house in the sun, then one can wear sunglasses.

One must appear decent, properly clothed and subtle at a funeral ceremony. A funeral is no place for showing off expensive clothes or coming under-dressed in casual clothes and shoes.

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