Well, buying lingerie isn’t as exciting as it may seem since getting the right size, the perfect fit and the best designs together can be a big and daunting task.  Not buying lingerie according to your body size and type could lead to several issues and may not be the best thing for your health.

Lingerie must never enhance body pains and issues for example if you have back ache, then buy a bra which does not hurt or is too tight. Below given is a list of tips which will help you to select lingerie as per your body type:

tips for selecting lingerie for your body typeFor Women with a Nice Butt

If you are someone who has a nice butt or ass then trying boxer shorts or boy shorts could be a lovely way to make the most of your butt.  The male inspired undies look absolutely fantastic on women with good butts and will put attention on the right parts.

For Women with Big Bust

For those who have big busts, it is important to go for bras which come with support. There are many bra styles which come with underwire. These wires prevent your bust from getting weighed down or looking saggy. They help them keep in place and can help you accentuate your figure. For those with big bust size and a small waste, a corset will work wonderfully.

For Women with Long Legs

If you are a leggy, then high heels with high cut undies will look absolutely amazing. Go for slips that come up slits upto the thigh and have a garter belt.

For Women who Wish to Hide their Tummy

If you are someone with a tad bit of tummy and wish to hide it through your lingerie, then you are in luck since there are plenty of options for you.  There are many sexy slips available which do the job well without looking dull or boring.  These are easily available at most lingerie stores.

Slim Body with Delicate Bust

If you have a slim body with a small sized bust then you can go for padded bras which come in various sizes and fits. Wear push up bras which give you a much better look and appeal. Try ruffled panties which are capable of letting you add bulk to your hips as well as your chest.


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