Flare is not just a 5 lettered word, but it is a very powerful fashion style that can make you look like a million dollar celebrity. The new trend for this year is definitely flares and it is flaring up. Flares have maintained an identity of their own throughout the early seventies and now it is back again. They have presented themselves with a new makeover to dazzle you.

flares are flaring up again with a twist

Flares are Everywhere:

Flares are not only restricted to the pants or jeans,but they have been incorporated in every possible outfit giving it a new gorgeous makeover.

  • Flared skirts are in vogue this season. You can go all ethnic by choosing a cotton or silk skirt with bandhni print or traditional embroidery etched on it and team it up with a short sleeve tank top or for a twist a long full sleeve cotton jacket for the oomph factor.
  • Flared dresses available in different lengths can be worn with wedge heels or peep toes to look enigmatic.
  • Maxi dresses that have definite flares starting from below the waist line are a hit if tried out in the evening.
  • Flared cocktail dresses with asymmetric front patterns are in this season and you can look ravishing in them by choosing the appropriate accessories to complete the look.
  • Jumpsuits that are flared at the bottom are a must have in the wardrobe this season.
  • Instead of wearing the same old business suit, why not try out the formal trousers with a slightly flared bottom for a refreshing new look.
  • The oldest trick in the book is to wear jeans with a flared bottom or boot cut jeans. The new twist on the block is that the flares are of different measurements. It is not always as big as it used to be in the past. The measured flares make sure that you look sleek and tall when you put them on and team it up with a flowing silk full sleeve shirt tucked inside. You can look bold just by wearing a chunky pair of blocks or platform heels with it.

There are a million possibilities when it comes to flares. All you need to do is experiment a bit, add and subtract a bit to create as many different looks as you can with the help of flared clothes this season.

Photo Credit By: eshakti.com


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