As our environment is getting degraded and the ecosystem is getting harmed, it is our responsibility as humans to make efforts to minimize the damage and extend the duration of availing its benefits.  Besides making use of eco-friendly vehicles, opting for conservation of electricity and saving natural resources, another way to contribute is to follow some eco-friendly fashion tips. Yes, there are many ways you can save the environment by making some changes in your fashion choices and preferences. The following are some of the best eco-friendly fashion tips for you:

1. Choice of Material

Some of the best eco-friendly materials that you can use are hemp, organic cotton, bamboo etc. there are many stores which sell clothes and accessories made of these materials. A lot of manufacturers make bags and purses made of these materials and these can be bought to bring about a positive change.

2. Reuse Old Clothes

Another eco-friendly fashion tip that you can follow is to keep using old clothes, bags and shoes till whenever possible. Rather than giving away perfectly find old clothes or stop using them because of buying new ones, it is better to extend their life either by repairing them or using them at home.

3. Recycle

Another fashion tip that you can follow to save the environment is to recycle fabrics and textiles. Did you know that it takes 10 times more energy to product about a ton of textiles than to make glass? Well, creating textiles does harm the environment a great deal and it is better to recycle and reuse.

4. Use Handcrafted Jewellery and Bags

handcrafted bags

Bags and jewellery undoubtedly form an important part of fashion. It is a good idea to use ecofriendly jewelry like handcrafted earrings, bracelets, necklaces and handmade shoes and belts.  Buy from store which sells handmade products that haven’t been made after major loss to the environment.

5. Reinvent Old Clothes

Besides reusing old clothing, it is a good idea to reinvent it as well. If there are any fashion pieces which have become damaged in any way then you can get them fixed with a help of a tailor to enhance their life as well as their looks.

6. Reusable Shopping Bags

reusable shopping bags

When you go out for fashion shopping, then it is best to avoid using their plastic bags and better to go for reusable shopping bags which do not have to be thrown away.

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