Dressing etiquette is a way through which you can create a positive impression about yourself by dressing appropriately for occasions. History portrays the era when there was hardly any dressing options for men and women. However, you are the lucky one who belongs to the modern age with ample dressing options to impress others. Knowing how to dress properly is extremely important.

guide to a common dressing etiquette

Dos and Don’ts of Dressing Etiquette:

Believe it or not, but clothes do have a language of their own. You just have to make the effort to read it. Body language is also very important for you to carry what you wear on different occasions. You need to stick to the proper dress codes for proper occasions.

About Day Time Dressing

Try diligently to stick to pastel shades, bright hues and light coloured clothes to get ready for the day. Make up should be ideally “No make-up look” with simple, contemporary jewellery and kitten heels to complete the entire look. Your entire outfit should be soothing, but not flashy during the day.

About Evening Dressing

You can try semi formals, business casual or formal clothes which will complement your features and will make you look elegant. Black is a hot pick throughout the season along with vibrant colours and rich patterns. You can be glitzy and wear diamond studded platinum jewellery or a contemporary piece of jewellery with abstract design. You can pump up the make-up by making yourself look glamorous with high heels. Your entire look along with the make-up and jewellery should be in balance. 

Formal Business Wear

Formal business attire should never be too gaudy, flashy or appear inexpensive and cheap. However, you also do not need to spend a fortune to buy a business suit. Just go for a decent brand or tailor who will give you the right fit. The colours should be blue, white, beige, black, grey or chocolate. 

Dressing for a Wedding

There are lots of options when it comes to a wedding. You can wear a gown, off shoulder dresses, lahenga choli, pre stitched saress, etc. Make up and accessories compliment the entire look that you want to create. Wedding dresses particularly vary with the community and country.


Casual Dressing

It is all about relaxing and being comfortable. Simply combine a tee with a tight pair of jeans or Capri; accompanied by a belle shoe or flats or even sleek sport shoes is sure to be a stunner.



If you can stick to the thumb rules of dressing etiquettes it will surely create a positive vibe around you no matter where you go.


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