Everyone in the world has their own set of fashion preferences and fashion skills. Considering this fact it is true that no one person has the authority and the relevance to say what is weird and what isn’t, or what will work and what will not. But there still are certain trends and fashion concepts that many or majority would agree are weird fashion trends. A chunk of population will agree that the concept of tattooing ones own eye is somewhat weird and undeniable not the norm.

Few such weird fashion trends including one just mentioned are listed below in detail:

1. Elf Boots in Mexico

EIF boots

The craze of wearing extremely long (as against regular sized) and pointy shoes like the ones elves wore swept the whole of Mexico. The toe tips of the shoes extended to about 35 inches ahead and curled upwards at the end. Imagine Mexican farmers, ranchers and other members out there wearing cowboy boots that have elongated front tips; it sure does look weird. Some people even started adding sequences to the shoes and started bedazzling them. Talk about weird huh!

2. The Nazi/ Hitler Outbreak in Thailand

At some point in early 2012, all of Bangkok and many other parts of Thailand were covered in Nazi. The general icons like Ronald (from McDonalds), Teletubbies and even pandas where transformed in version of Hitler. The young population of Thailand was fascinated by these images ad portraits of the Nazi ruler. So it was common to find someone wearing a tee with a cartoonish print of Hitler, the dictator.

This trend was not only weird given the history but also offensive to many.

3. The Gothic Lolita of Japan

the gothic lolita

The meaning of ‘Lolita’ here isn’t the general sense held across the globe. Instead the gothic Lolita in Japan represents a fashion trend followed by many Japanese girls. The trend includes wearing dark makeup along with gothic aesthetics fashions based on the Victorian era. Having girls walking down the streets sporting such fashion can surely be considered as a weird fashion trend in many circles. And this trend is not to make the runway, hopefully!

4. Eye Jewelry Originated in Netherlands

A technique started in Netherlands as a fashion trend. The technique was to insert a jewel (made of platinum mostly) into the eye ball of an individual. The trend caught up amongst the Dutch, but doesn’t it seem like a horrible idea to insert something in ones eye for the sake of fashion. Not to mention it is weird to walk around with a star, a heart or a half moon in ones eye which may at some point lead to impaired vision or even eye bleed.

Photo Credit By: aliimg.com


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