A bandana is a kind of a band or scarf which is worn around the head, wrist or neck either to keep the hair in place or as a fashion statement. There are many ways in which a bandana can be worn-around the neck, around the hair, tied on the wrist etc. It is a versatile accessory which is almost of the same shape and size as a handkerchief and has become a mainstream fashion accessory in the past few years. If you are confused about how to wear a bandana, then the following are some of the most interesting ways:

interesting ways to wear a bandana

On the Head

The first and most common way to wear a bandana is on the head like a headband. You can either tie the bow on the top or hide it behind the neck.  Make sure that when you tie it, the knot it tight and the bandana doesn’t slip off easily.

On the Ponytail

Another way to use a bandana is to tie your ponytail. This is a superb way to look good and add an accessory to your hair. You can either tie the entire loop on the ponytail or tie the ends in the form of a bow.

A Triangular Shaped Headband

Rather than wearing the bandana simply like a headband, you can fold it lengthwise so that it becomes a triangle and wear this shape on the head, tying the two ends behind the nape of the neck.  Your hair must fall underneath the bandana in this case.

Around the Neck

It is a good idea to tie the bandana around your neck, tying its two ends on one of the sides. This style of wearing a bandana teams up well with denims and t-shirts.  To wear it this style, you can either use it in its triangular form or by rolling it several times to obtain a rectangular shape.

Around the Wrist

Another lovely way to use and wear the bandana is to wear it around the wrist. This form of wearing will make you look half rocker and half back from the 60s. To wear it in this style, role the square a few times until a straight rectangular shape is obtained. Tie around the wrist and bring the loose ends together to tie a loose knot, not a bow.


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