A cocktail party is definitely one of the most happening parties and is a night of great fun, music, dancing, drinking and celebration. Ofcourse, there is no official dress code for a cocktail party but it is a common understanding that one has to dress well and not shabbily while attending one such party.  Yes, it is one occasion for which you may face a hard time deciding what to wear but by following the given 7 tips, your dilemma will be well resolved:

tips to dress for a cocktail party

1. What is the Level of Formality

The first step is to determine what the level of formality of the event is. You must know whether it is an extra formal event or just a normal level formal event. If it is a very formal party, then you may need to dress up in a jacket or a dress for males and females respectively.

2. Go for Richer Fabrics

Besides selecting what to wear, it is also important to select the right material. If you are a female, then wear a dress which is satin, silk or any other material which looks graceful and formal. Don’t go for cotton or linen.

3. Team it up with Accessories

Just wearing a formal dress isn’t enough; make sure you team the dress up with few accessories. Wear a necklace, a bracelet or a body jewellery to improve and enhance your look. But remember not to overdo it.

4. Don’t Forget to Wear Heals

Any dress, whether long or short is incomplete without a good pair of heals. Heals add to your look and personality and can make any average look superb.

5. Wear Some Makeup

To look stunning on the cocktail party, don’t forget to apply some make up and perfume. Don’t overdo the makeup but a simple eyeliner, blush, gloss and foundation can turn around your look and do the trick.

6. Be Seasonal

Wearing a jacket in summers or a short dress in winters isn’t the right way to dress up for a cocktail party. So make sure you go according to the season. If its winters, a nice hat or cap would also look good.

7. Downsize your Handbag

Extra big or huge handbags don’t go well in cocktail parties or with your formal attire. So make sure you carry a small fashionable clutch or purse to complete your party look.

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