Did you know that for each zodiac sign, there is a certain color or colors which are the luckiest and most complementary? Well, these colors are those from which each person of that particular zodiac sign can harness prosperity and energy. So wouldn’t it be great if you could dress according to your zodiac color? Well if you aren’t aware of your color, then the following can be useful for you.

dress according to your zodiac color

Capricorn-Dec 22-Jan 19

The colors which complement Capricorns are dark hues of Indigo, Green and Black. This sign must wear sophisticated and elegant outfits and luxurious fabrics.

Aquarius-Jan 20 to February 19

Some of the colors which work amazingly well for Aquarians are Electric Blue, violet and Turquoise. Bright colors like red too work well for people of this sign.

Pisces-February19 to March 20

The complementary colors for this sign include Pastels like lavender, sea form green, light blue to pink. Piscean women should go for soft fabrics and lots of skirts and dresses.

Aries-March 21 to April 19

For Aries people, colors like red and other bright shades fantastically and due to their natural born confidence, they can pull these colors really well.

Taurus-April 20 to May 20

Some of the colors which really complement Taureans are blues, Neutral and earth shades. Style is synonymous with quality for people of this sign and they must stick to fine craftsmanship.

Gemini-May 21 to June 20

Gemini are dualistic and given this nature, they always love experimenting with many things together. The colors which they must include in their wardrobes include oranges, vibrant yellows and magenta etc.

Cancer-June 21 to July 22

Cancerians must wear a lot of light shades and pastels. The colors which energize them are white,silver etc. The people belonging to this sign are huge risk takers and wear a lot of eye catching clothes.

Leo-July 23 to Aug 22

Some complementary colors for people belonging to this sign include gold, black and red. They wear a lot of designer labels.

Virgo-Aug 23 to Sep 22

Virgo people must include a lot of Blacks, whites and earth tones in their wardrobe.

Libra-Sep 23 to Oct 22

Some colors which work really well for Librans are Pink,blue and white.

Scorpio-Oct 23 to Nov 22

Scorpions are daring people and the colors which work well on them include blacks, deep blues and reds.

Sagittarius-Nov 22 to Dec 21

Sagis love to be comfortable no matter what they wear. Their colors though are Purple and peach, white, beige.

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