Looking best on your baby shower day is quite a challenge as the physical beauty of an expecting mother is usually not at its best during those days. Baby shower being a very special celebration should be prepared from well in advance. Buying the dress and matching accessories should be done when you can move around freely may be in the second trimester and not in a hurry to return home and hit the bed during the last days.

However, even with all preparations, it is bit difficult with the stomach becoming clearly visible by the time baby shower is arranged. On top of that hormonal changes may have some effects on your skin, mood and hair too. But you can still look like a diva if you dress consciously and stylishly.

look glamorous on your baby showerFactors to Keep in Mind While Dressing for your Baby Shower:

There are certain things you need to keep in mind, and voila, you will look just as glamorous as the moms shown in the televisions. Here’s how:


Even though you would want to look your best on the day, the most important aspect that you should keep in mind while planning is comfort. So pay attention to the fabric you choose for the day, breathable cotton being the most suitable option. Also the material should be stretchable and with elastic bands.


Follow up the comfort quotient with the style factor. There are two options: either to make your belly the centre of attraction or to make it as invisible as possible. If you want to show off your mother’s bulge you can try a body con wrap dress. Or else you can also choose a flowing maxi dress or maybe a long skirt paired with a peasant style top. If the baby shower is held during a cooler month make sure to keep a matching jacket or stole handy, just in case you need to cover up.

Choose the Shoes Wisely

During pregnancy it is normal that your toe will swell. Therefore pick a comfortable and spacious pair of shoes for the occasion. Also do not go for too high heels or a pencil heel. A platform hill or pumps could serve you better at this point of time


This can help you jazz up your look quite a bit. Do not hesitate to try something chunky or a bit creative. You can also try a nice belt if the dress is not as fitting as you want it to be. And of course a matching bag is absolutely essential.

Remember to smile and enjoy the time. This is one of the most beautiful times of your life that should be spent with lot of happiness and good cheer. If you are happy you will look beautiful too.


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