Hair styling is completely a personal affair and especially for men it is a sensitive issue as well. Women can hide the hair styling flaws with a bunch of accessories, but men do not have this option. Most of the time, you might be trying to experiment with your hair and that consequence turns out to be a complete mess of the hairstyle.

Some haircuts also do not suit all and you will have to be very careful about these facts. You can take help of a professional to select the right hair style for you following your choice, looks and personality.

This article would surely be of a great help to you if you are planning to change your hairstyle as here you will find all the common mistakes that men make with hair styling and can avoid them.

hair styling mistakes that men makeMost Common Hairstyling Mistakes by Men

Trying a Hair Cut on your Own

Biggest possible blunder, ever! Do not try cutting your hair by yourself or ask an amateur to give you a haircut. Instead, surrender your mane to the hands of a professional. Also it is better not to try and save money by going to a cheaper and unreliable place. The after effects of that can be disastrous and might cost you more to cover up the situation.

Shaving of the Side Buns

This was quite a ridiculous trend which caught up in the 1980s. But that was long time back, so please do not resort to that ‘style’. Adjust your side bun according to your face shape. Also do not shave off your temples either, that might look a bit weird too.

Too much Gel

If you are no more a teenager, then gel is not the best option for you either. Gel can ruin your hair if you keep using it for a long time. There is a better available alternative for it these days, called hair paste. If you need than use it instead of the gel. But be careful not to use comb after you have used a hair paste or any other hair care product. Use your fingers to set your hair. And it is prudent to comb or brush your hand before applying the product, says hairstylists.

So now you know the most common mistakes made by men when it comes hair styling. Simply avoid them.


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