Shoes are an important part of your wardrobe. They can make or break your style system. It is good to stay updated with the trend, but you must also take weather conditions in account. Therefore, when summer comes to an end, it is time for the open toed sandals to take a backstage, only to be replaced by covered or semi covered shoes. But just because the weather has changed you need not say good bye to stylish footwear.

Stylish Winter Shoes for you:

Pick shoes that are both suitable for the weather and ups the style quotient. Here are few such shoes, that you would like to have for the winter:

Ankle Boots

ankle bootsThey are more comfortable and easy to wear than longer boots. These boots are generally loose around the ankles therefore you can wear them with thick socks without any problem. They are cheaper than their longer versions and are available in different styles, from smaller heels, to tall heels.

Knee Length Boots

knee length bootsThese boots are very glamorous and most women wish to have a pair or two. They can be worn with jeans or skirt, or even a dress and adds to the oomph of the attire. It is better to buy those boots which are not too tight around your calves.

Lace Boots

lace bootsAlso known as the combat boots, these shoes can enhance your retro or punk look. However choose wisely according to your style, they can either make you look a bit romantic, hippyish or punk rock chick.

Evening Shoes

Every woman needs those for the social events or a special celebration. Even if it is cold, you have to have these, but try the more covered version this season. A nice bow on top looks good since these are party shoes.

Walking Shoes

The most essential shoes for any woman. These are also known as hiking shoes and have good grips when you are out travelling on not so smooth roads. These are the real lifesavers for an active person

Rain Boots

rain bootsThe monsoon might be over, but winter rains can spoil the fun by making your shoes wet and uncomfortable. Hence it is prudent to invest in a pair of boots which can help you wade through the rainy streets.

Follow these tips and you are all set to meet winter in style, with great footwear.


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