In order to have a stylish and trendy look it is not sufficient to have the best clothes, but you need to accessorise them with appropriate bags as well. A carefully chosen matching or contrast bag can instantly jazz up a specific outfit and thus uplift your whole look.

Most of the girls have too many bags in their collection than they actually need or use. So it is significant to know the types of bags you actually need to keep in your collection. Following are some guidelines on must have bag types for all girls:

Crossbody Handbag

crossbody handbagA crossbody handbag is a definite must have in your collection as it is very comfortable to wear and goes well with practically all outfits. When you are busy multitasking and need your hands free, this is the ideal option. If you are going for shopping or travelling in a train or bus or grabbing snacks or coffee on the go, the options are endless to carry this bag.

Basic Tote

basic toteA basic tote bag is another must have to accompany you to the shopping trips or when you need to carry bigger items with you. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn with skirts and tops, jeans and tee shirts or even with free flowing dresses. It is best to opt for a bold solid colour tote bag which can jazz up your outfit and add that personal touch to your look.

Sling Bag

sling bagSling bags are the most trendy these days which can be worn with all types of outfits and are very comfortable to carry as well. You can go for a small one if you want to pair it with casual clothes or a bigger one for office.

Satchel or Messenger Bag

satchel or messenger bagSatchel is another popular ladies handbag which usually comes with a long strap and can be worn as slung from one shoulder or across the body. Since this bag can carry several things, it is better to go for a broader strap and the material can be leather or cloth.

Hobo Bag

hobo bagsA hobo bag is one of the most common type of handbag carried by women across the world. These bags are available in a wide range of colours and materials and can be paired with a variety of outfits like formals, casuals and semi formals.

While choosing a bag you must always look at the practicality of carrying it as well the purpose. You need to remember that a clutch cannot be carried to the office and a Hobo bag won’t serve the purpose of a travel bag.

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