Fashion entails everything that is aesthetic and you need to be really careful about every inclusion and exclusion you make. If you don’t handle it carefully you will slip and make huge fashion blunders which will not escape the watchful eyes of fashion critics. It is quite normal to make a fashion mistake every now and then, even celebrities do that often. But you can avoid a series of common fashion blunders by being aware of top fashion blunders generally people make.

common fashion blunders people makeGiven below are some common fashion errors people usually make:

Incorrect Buttoning of Blazers

Fastening all the buttons of the well-made blazer can make it look ill fit and stretch and pull the suit in the wrong positions. When you are wearing a suit it is necessary to follow these simple rules like you should unbutton all the buttons of your blazer while you sit down. You need to fasten only the top button of a double-button suit and either the middle or bottom two buttons in case of a three-button suit.

Wrong Socks with the Dress Shoes

The dress shoes are always supposed to be worn with dress socks in cotton or wool in shades like black, grey, blue or brown. Pairing a dress shoes with a white socks is a complete no-no and it has to be saved for pairing with the sports shoe and track suit.

Bulged Pants Pocket

It is very disturbing to see somebody in a streamlined business like attire with a square bulge in the pockets. Dumping a large wallet with money and other stuff along with mobile phones and keys need to be avoided to maintain your polished look. You can opt for an all purpose formal bag to carry your things instead of filling your pants pockets with things.

Large Sized Clothes

Oversized clothes are another big fashion mistake. Body skimming clothes give a more streamlined and clean look and this point is applicable especially for men as they are usually seen to wear hugging shirts and T shirts more often. However, skin tight clothes look equally awkward if you do not have a perfectly shaped body – thus it’s the best to choose comfortably fitting clothes.

Crop Tops on Wrong Body Type

Crop tops are supposed to be worn by people with a perfect body shape, and it is better to avoid wearing a crop top and go for some other smart top which fits you well.

Mismatched Shoes and Suit

Wearing the wrong colour shoes with your well-made suit will destroy the whole look and is a big fashion blunder. Sadly, it is a very common mistake made by many and you can escape this fashion error by combining the appropriate colour shoes with your suits.


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