Although most of you love to go for parties, when it comes to choosing the right outfit for a party and especially if it is a dance party, it can be a real dilemma. You might be apprehensive about wearing certain outfits as you want to make a good first impression among the party attendees. Here are some tips on dressing up for a dance party:

look glamorous at a dance party with our dressing up tips

Select the Right Outfit and Accessories

  • Depending on the time and venue of the party you have to choose the outfit and coordinate it with the other accessories. If the party is in the day time in an open garden or a bowling alley, you can choose something cool yet comfortable, like a pair of jeans and a trendy top. In case the party is in the night at a club or a discotheque, you can opt for dressier options like a stylish dress, skirt and top combo or a pant suit.
  • While choosing your shoes, you can experiment with options that will make you look special yet comfortable which will go well with the vibe of the party. Based on your budget you can go for new clothes or mix and match the existing pieces in your wardrobe.
  • As for jewellery for the party, you can either choose understated elegant pieces or an over the top bold pieces. For classy evening parties, it is better to go for diamond earrings or pearl neck pieces and earrings and for night parties, bold statement jewellery will be ideal.
  • While choosing other accessories like belt, shoes and purse, you can either opt for the traditional way of matching colours or choose the most recent colour clashing trend. For example, if your dress is black, then go for a contrast or golden colour shoes and a neon colour purse or vice versa.
  • It is always best to add that one unique piece like a bold hairband or upper arm band or embellish the hair with fresh flowers, to add a personal touch to your whole look.

Makeup and Hair

  • While doing your hair for the party, make sure that you have washed it and dried it thoroughly. It is best to keep the style simple and you can try straight hair for a sleek look, or slight curls for a soft look or a classy up do or French braids for a trendy look.
  • You need to plan your makeup carefully depending on the time and location of the party. Go for a toned down look for daytime parties and a more glamorous look for night parties. A flawless skin with carefully chosen concealer and foundation, some colour to the cheeks and lips and well defined eyes are the must dos in makeup.

Once you are ready with your dress, hair and makeup, it is essential to ensure your personal hygiene as well with brushed teeth and odourless body.


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