Fashion is something that keeps changing constantly all across the countries. Many people like to stay updated with it; while rest of them prefers the traditional ways. Various countries, even if they are poles apart often follow same fashion trends. There are a number of cities in this world which have quite fashion conscious and trendy population. Fashion industry connects several cities across the globe.

Top 10 Fashion Cities of the World

Here is a list of the most fashionable cities in the world, according to the fashion critiques:

New York City

new yorkNew York City in the United States of America is often considered as the fashion capital of the world. The powerful position is often attributed to its location in the world.


romeItalians are known for their fashion sense and there are a few Italian cities which can actually make their marks on the fashion map. Rome, among them holds the first position, and second in the world fashion list.


parisTo many, France is the definition of fashion and style. But in the last few years, Paris, the capital of France has dropped down to the number three position in the global fashion scenario.


milanAnother Italian city that makes the mark, albeit at number four.


londonLondon is placed right at the middle of the fashion list. It has a lot of talented designers and its proximity to Europe helps it to grow in strength.

Los Angeles

The city which has Hollywood cannot be kept out of the list. Its USP is its diverse fashion culture that is influenced both by films as well as the different types of people who lives in the city.


tokyoChina has been growing steadily on consumption and fashionable dress being a consumer good, is also an important item. Thus Tokyo is placed at number seven on the list.

Las Vegas

las vegas

Another city from the United States that is famous for its fashionable choices is Las Vegas.


berlinBerlin ranks ninth on the list, having a very diversified and strong fashion sense, which is heavily influenced by several cultures that can be found there.



This city has debuted in the list of top ten fashion savvy city very recently. Many fashion houses and stores have flared up in different parts of the city.

In a nutshell, then, these are the top fashion cities in the world and would leave you satiated with abundance of fashion ideas and glamorous statements.


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