Every girl dreams of being a princess and wearing that lovely tiara or crown on head. Well, it is not only princesses who get to wear these lovely accessories and even you can flaunt one when headed to the prom or any other suitable party. There are many kinds of tiaras and several ways to wear them.  Each way has its own charm and each of it may work differently on different girls. Here are the 7 most superb ways to wear tiaras:

superb ways to wear tiaras

  • The headband tiara-one of the best ways to wear a tiara is like a headband. In this case, instead of wrapping the tiara around the top of the head, it has to be worn like a headband.  This is a very easy to way to wear it and looks great on everyone.
  • Tiara fastened back-another way to wear a tiara in the headband style is to fasten it on the back rather than fixing it with pins in the center of the head. But make sure that hair fallout from the back to hide the pins.
  • Mini triangle tiara-triangle tiaras are great for those who wish to keep it minimalistic and look elegant at the same time. This kind of a tiara wearing style requires you to place the mini triangle midway between the forehead and the middle of the head.  You can also create a small puff to highlight the tiara in this style.
  • Round mini crown-round tiaras are also very popular and loved. These kinds of tiaras have to be worn just above the forehead and can work great with hair that have a lot of volume.  To keep the tiara in place, some bobby pins can be used.
  • Hair pin tiara-another way to wear a tiara is to wear it like a hair pin to place hair into their right position. In this style, you will need three big hair pins and place them behind the forehead like they were forming a tiara shape.
  • Halo crown-if you have an actual crown as your tiara, then the best way to wear it is to place it on the top of your head and feel like a princess!
  • Titled tiara-another lovely way to wear a tiara is to place it slightly tilted towards either the left or the right. This look goes great with almost all outfits.


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