Being overweight does not mean that you can’t look fabulous. No matter what your weight is, you can still carry any outfit amazingly if you have a little confidence to go with it. Looking good doesn’t have to do with what you are wearing but it rather has to do with how conscious you are about your looks.  If you are overweight then all you have to select the right clothes for yourself. The following are some of the tips for overweight people to select clothes.

tips for overweight people to  select clothesWear Well- Fitting Undergarments

Underclothes are the foundation of how you look and it is important to wear the right fitting undergarments.  Wearing loose or flimsy underwear can make the entire look over bulky.

Find Fits and Textiles that Flatter your Bottom Half

If you have the maximum weight on your hips and legs, then you must pay a lot of attention to the material and fits you wear on the lower part of your body. For example, tailored skirts and trousers work really well as they can hide the extra weight and may make you appear thinner. Flared pants and wide leg trousers must be avoided.  Shapeless garments should be totally avoided.

Dress to Flatter your Top

People who have a lot of weight on their top half must avoid wearing straight top and should rather go for T shirts and dresses.  Un tailored dresses must be avoided and those that fit close to the waist and shoulders must be opted for. For men, tailored shirts must be opted for and those with wrists and neck are well fitted. Women must avoid spaghetti tops and halter tops as they can make the entire bulky area visible.  Full length jackets and cardigans can really look good and may hide the fat. Cropped tops must be avoided.


To make the wardrobe more versatile, it is important to accessorize with unique and unusual pieces.  Being overweight can actually be good for those who love to accessorize because larger women can carry off bold and large pieces of accessories really well. Small sized pendants and earrings may get lost on them and hence they should opt for the larger ones.  A big handbag can really help you look smaller and a few nice bangles on the wrist can appear slender. If you have heavy legs then you must avoid wearing delicate and flimsy footwear.


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