Winter is an amazing time to dress up! With superb options for jackets, jeans, dresses and scarves, there are endless ways to look fabulous and feel awesome. When it comes to filling up your winter wardrobe, there are a few things which you simply can’t ignore or overlook. These items are an absolute must to have and flaunt during those chilly winter days. The following is a list of the top wardrobe essentials for your winter wardrobe:

Amazing Pair of Boots

For men, women, children and everyone else, it is very essential to have atleast one pair of amazing and comfortable boots. Boots can complement any look and can totally add stars to your winter wardrobe. They are not only fabulous to look at but can actually cover your legs from the winter chill.

A Leather Jacket

leather jacketAgain, this is one of those winter essentials which everyone on the planet must own. A leather jacket, irrespective of its color works brilliantly on anyone and when paired with good boots can be a killer combination.

The Plaid Coat

plaid coatThe plaid coat is yet another wardrobe essential for anyone in the world for the winter season.  The checked print on the plaid coat is something which you can’t do without and works well both casually and formally.

A Cute Cap

Woolen caps are a lovely add on not just for little ones but also for adults. They are available in too many sizes and colors to pick easily but once you do, your winters can be much warmer and cooler at the same time.  These caps can be freely worn not just at home but also outside.

Polka Dot Socks

polka dot socksPolka dot socks are cute and no we are not just talking about for kids. These socks can be worn by anyone, atleast at home and look absolutely cute. Therefore it is necessary to have atleast a few pairs.

A Formal Blazer

For all the parties and the outings, it is essential to have a nice fitted formal blazer. These blazers work well for the office as well and can make your look really smart. Avoid buying too many blacks and rather go for different shades like navy blue, pink, brown and others.

A Front Open Cardigan

A front open cardigan is yet another must, both for men and women when it comes to your winter wardrobe. Buy nice quirky colors and avoid wearing dull shades.


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