The intention of this article is not to insult any fashion trend that is followed in any countries of the world as it depends on the individual country and its people as what exactly fashion is and there is nothing as the term ‘right fashion’ and ‘wrong fashion’. However, it is needless to say that tattooing your eyes and wearing t-shirts with cartoon Hitler printed on top it is somewhat crazy. This article covers the top 5 weirdest fashion trend taken from different countries of the world.

1. Elf Boots

Elf bootsThese silly looking shoes are pointed (much more than the normal ones) and long and really weird. This fashion became popular in Mexico in 2012 and men were actually crazy about these shoes.

2. Hitler T-Shirts

hitler t-shirtsIn the year 2012, the country of Thailand was invaded by Hitler and if you are wondering about how is that possible, then you must know that the invasion by Hitler has been in the world of fashion. Bangkok is an important fashion destination in not only Thailand but also in the world and this fashion destination experienced a Hitler mania in the year 2012 in the form of Hitler images being appearing as cartoons on t-shirts, posters and sweatshirts. Bangkok had its own version of Hitler along with Hitler Teletubbies and pandas.

3. Sagging

Guess this is still in fashion and this actually looks weird. Sagging is the style of wearing the trousers or pants below their waists to reveal a substantial portion of their underwear but at the same time ensure that the pants do not drop. It is said that this fashion came into existence in the prisons of America where the prisoners were not allowed to wear belts in fear that they would use the same to hang themselves.

4. Eye Jewelry

Eyes is one of those parts of your bodies that is overlooked upon in the world of fashion though you can change its color with contact lenses and also paint around them but how about some serious fashion being done on the eye itself?

A sound terrible…isn’t it? But there is a new technique that allows small studs to be inserted into the eyes and this was developed 10 years ago in Rotterdam. Eye tattoos, meggings, Gothic Lolitas and many more come under the weirdest fashion trends that become famous all over the world.


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