All of us want to look best in whatever outfit we wear, and we are ready to spend time and money the same. But many of us are not aware of the importance of wearing the right colors that suits us the best, which can reflect our personality and convey a lot about ourselves to the outside world. In order to present yourself the best way, it is significant that you should be aware of the combinations of colors that suits best to your complexion and personality.

tips on selecting clothing coloursFollowing are some guidelines to help you choose the best colors for your clothes:

Colours that Match your Hair Color

You need to choose cloth colors which are complementing your hair color so that your overall look will be well pulled together. Warm and bright colors like yellows, rusts and oranges look good with blonde hair, whereas the brown hair goes well with a host of colors like pinks, blues, greens and chocolate browns. People with gray hair can wear bright shades including plum, berry, purples, red and jewel tones.

How many Colors in One Outfit?

Combining too many colors in your outfit is disastrous, as it will kill the whole look and is tiring for the eyes as well. Although, there is no exact answer to this question, it is advisable to combine three colors; the primary color, which is the prominent color in the outfit; secondary color, which is the second main color of the outfit and the highlight color, which is usually a contrast of primary or secondary color and is used to highlight some part of the outfit.

Have One or Two Neutrals for Basics

Having one or two outfits in neutral colors like browns, grays, blacks and navy can help you combine them easily with other colors, which cannot go wrong as they go well with almost all colors.

Take help of a Color Wheel

In order to follow the perfect color combinations for you, it is ideal to take the help of the basic color palette, which shows you the exact patterns to follow. With this, you can choose analog colors, complementary colors or triad colors depending on your personal style.

Choose Colors that Suit your Skin Tone

Always remember to select those colors, that make you look fresh, healthy and glowing, instead of the colors that make you look tired or pale.

Select Colors that Give you a Monochromatic Look

A monochromatic look can be achieved by wearing a single shade and its variations in the same shade as your hair color, which can make you look thinner and taller.

However, you can always rely on your personal favorite color as your wardrobe staple, and with the help of a color palette you can create complimentary or multi color combinations for your outfit. Thus, by following some simple color combination rules you can look your best in the most appropriate combination.


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