Gold dresses are not easy to carry and they are definitely not for all those women who are faint-hearted and prefer to play safe. Gold is a solid color and you need to be bold enough to carry it. There is a lot to choose from starting from short cocktail dresses to elegant looking ankle-length gowns and apart from carrying these smartly, it is also important that you accessorize your gold dress well.

There are different shades of gold and make sure that you choose a shade and style that complements your body type. Accessories can make and break the way you look and hence, make sure that you choose the right ones.

ways to accessorize your gold dressThe accessories that we will cover in this article are:

  • Shoes
  • Bag and
  • Jewelries


Choosing the right pair of shoes can be tricky but this is something that you simply cannot be without. Go for the black ones or the nude colored shoes as these would go well with your gold dress. And if you think that you can carry your gold dress with a pair of gold shoes, you can go for these as well but make sure that it goes well with the style of your dress. Stilettos and peep-toes generally look good with such dresses. Gold pumps should be avoided.


It is a general rule that the bag you carry should be invisible when you are wearing a gold dress. So, leave all your designer bags at home that you bought from the high-end stores. Go for a small clutch in nude or black color. Handbags that are small in size and chain straps look good as well but make sure that it does not clash with the dress. And if you are dying to carry a bold color, then you can opt for a clutch that is red, brown or maroon in color.


Gold over gold would a bit too much and hence, avoid gold jewelry. Silver should also be avoided as gold and silver is a complete mismatch. Pearls look elegant when worn with gold dress and you can opt for a pearl necklace and pearl earrings with your gold cocktail dress as that would look classy and also add a formal touch to your dress. Diamonds and rhinestones also would look great, whether fake or real.

You can also opt to stay away from jewelry as gold is very dominating color.


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