When you are attending a beach party or generally enjoying in the beach, you can look stunning with some great hairstyles. Since the sunlight can be harmful to your hair, don’t forget to put some sun protection on the hair as well as little oil to keep the hair moisturized, which otherwise can get quite dry in the hot sun.

Listed below are some cool hairstyles suitable for a beach party:

A Stylish Bun

stylish bunA hassle free bun always looks classy and is suitable for the beach without frizzing your hair. After applying a protective hair spray, you can pull your hair together into a ponytail and fix it with an elastic band at the crown of your head. Wrap the hair around the elastic and secure it with Bobby pins and you are beach ready with the stylish bun.

Free Waves

If you have wavy hair, this is an ideal look which is perfect for the beach. This is a natural look with your real waves and curls, which can be created by simply crumpling the hair after washing and then let the hair dry on its own after applying a styling gel.

Side Waves

side wavesYou have long straight hair and you want to have a wavy look, then you can try this. Create a side partition of the hair and make a low bun with the wet hair; let it dry for sometime and then undo the bun and you can see the beautiful waves.

French Braids

french braidsBraids are very popular these days and you can try them in beach as well. You can create this look by taking a side part on the front and making a French braid along the hairline till the ear on either side. You can either secure the ends with elastic or you can tuck them inside your hair with Bobby pins.

Braided Accents

It is a wonderful style with random braids from the hair partition and it is perfect for long hair. Start with applying some styling cream or serum on the hair, and then proceed to do a couple of braids on either side of the division and may be a couple of braids in the back as well.

Smart Ponytail

smart ponytailA ponytail is a smart style for the beach and you can do this simply by pulling the hair loosely to the back and secure it in a ponytail with elastic. You can also take a section of hair to wrap the ponytail around the base and secure it with pins.

French Braid with Bun

Achieve this look by parting the hair at the center and make French braids on either side. Secure the ends of the braids with elastic and then tie them together to a low bun.

So next time when you are going to a beach party, you can incorporate one of the above superbly smart hairstyles with an attractive hair adornment.


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