Fall is here and soon it will be winter, and you must be wondering which knit wears in your wardrobe would be fashionable and which would not, and whether or not you would need to buy anything new.

Well, stop worrying! Knit wears no matter how unfashionable they look on the racks are never out of fashion, at least not the ones which does not look like they belonged to your grandmother. Here are a few suggestions at what to wear this winter that would set you apart from the rest. The list of must have knitwear for this season is given below:

must have knitwear for this seasonPoncho or Throw

If you have them in your closet make it your first to wear on the list. They are good for both casual and fashionable settings. They are elegant and come in a range of designs, colors, texture, and knits. If you have a monochrome one you are lucky indeed, for you can wear them to any occasions.

Jackets and Coats

Remember those thick wooly full jackets? Yes, yes, the ones that are worn by every suave vamp in the movies. Try and keep one handy in your closet. They go well with your formals, your party dresses as well as casuals. A tee paired up with a pair of jeans and a thick wooly jacket would not only keep you warm but would also make you look smart.

Sweater Dress

Knitted dresses and jerseys are a fine way to look good. However, do not go for those old knitted skirt and top combination. Try and complement your ensembles. If you are wearing a knitted skirt then skip the knitted top and wear a plain top, if you are wearing a knitted top then wear a non-knitted skirt.

You can also try wearing a knitted jersey with a pair of opaque tights, or jeggings. If you wish to rock a party on a particular chilly night wear a knitted dress, which may be loose or more tight fitted and ends just about at your knees. Pair it up with a blazer or a faux fur throw or collar, according to the occasion.


They never let you down. These collarless tops can be a perfect business wear. Worn with a pencil skirt, a crisp blouse and a pair of killer heels they will make you look like the confident lady that you want to be.


Remember just because it is winter and you would have to bundle up keep warm does not mean that you need skip on the accessories. You can look great with a pair of mittens, or a pair of fashionable gloves. A beret clipped on your head can do wonders too. A knitted scarf loosely hanging or even tied up tight will go very well with your winter fashion.

There are literally a thousand different ways to look good this season without even trying. These are the basic elements in every winter wardrobe and they are timeless. You do not have to dress outlandishly to be different and fashionable. All you need to know is which occasions deserves which outfit.


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