The couture industry is like a recycling machine. What goes in comes out in the same form – or may be a little different – at some point or the other. We often talk about trends of the season, what is in and what is out, but what we often mistake for a trend that is new could actually very well be old.

We judge fashion by the ramps thus often forgetting the fact that fashion, trend or whatever you might want to call it, is your attitude you wear, no matter what you wear. So now that you know that, what say we talk about a little nomcore fashion? Haven’t heard of nomcore? Wondering what that is? Well, nomcore is a fashion term which generally describes a trend which is, let’s say, not so conventional.

However, it is comfortable, easy, and somewhat athletic and masculine. However, if you are ready for it and can match the groove you can rock it with the few tips given below.

fresh out of fashion normcoreCasual is the Word

Remember the most important aspect of nomcore fashion is to be casual. Forget about the labels, the haute stuff in the market. Instead, focus on what you already have in your wardrobe. It should not be bright or expensive and fancy. It’s all about the non-exclusive, non-pricey, and unlabeled.

Keep it Neutral

Always remember that if you have to rock the nomcore fashion trend then you have got to keep your eyes off the bright hues displayed on the mannequins. Try and confine yourself within a limited pallet of colors making it look more monochromatic.

It’s all in the Basics

It is important that you know that nomcore fashion only revolves around the basics. You can keep it limited to tees, jeans, baseball caps, sweatshirts, Crocs or Converse, and flannel tops. You can also choose from a range of basic shorts, lumberjack shorts, track pants and the likes. The key is to keep it simple and basic.

It isn’t Outdated

Are you thinking that just because you are told to keep to your choices within your wardrobe, it is all about sporting the old fashion? Well, you could not be more wrong, because it is not. Remember going out on a 1920s glitzy flapper dress is not nomcore. As said earlier, it is all about basic and simple.


Remember that just because you are trying to rock the nomcore fashion, it does not mean you cannot accessorize. Granted that using those glitzy jewelry, and those flashy diamonds are not exactly cut out to rock it, however, you may try a pair of aviators and stuff like that which are really necessary.

It is after all a word that is used to describe the unpretentious and average look of your day to day life, though it is not said that you cannot flaunt it. On the contrary, if you want to feel comfortable yet look smart then try it. One word of advice though; remember it is unisex and not hipster.

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