A black dress – long or short can never go amiss with the perfect style statement. It started off in the 1920s and till date women go gaga over possessing a black dress in every season. If you can choose the best looking, classic black dress for yourself, it will surely go a very long way. You can wear it seamlessly in parties and also to your office – one factor that makes a big difference in wearing a black dress correctly is the right choice of accessories.

The black dress will definitely beautify you, but to enhance the elegance of the dress you will need some sparkling and striking jewellery and accessories to make the dress look fantastic altogether. To stand apart from others wearing a black dress, consider the below mentioned accessories and get the best from this attire.

best accessories to use with a black dressElectric Coloured Pumps

Shoes play a vital role for any kind of clothing and when it’s a black dress, you would definitely not want to make it more mundane with a plain pair of black shoes. Instead wear footwear that has high-wattage hues like amethyst, fuchsia, emerald, neon blue or green, silver or gold. Dazzling embellishment on the shoes are also a welcoming touch – pumps encrusted with crystals and stones give a great show to the overall look.

Metal Belts and Chains Round the Waist

Metals have always been a lovely addition to black attire and when it’s a plain black dress; a dazzling metal belt with designs like a chain, blocks, rings or joining geometric shapes can be a great accessory to flaunt. They can also be loosely dangling around your waist or stay tightly fitted like a waist-cincher. Gold and silver are the best colour options; however other metallic hues also go well.

A Stone Neckpiece

By mentioning a stone neck wear, we do not only mean diamonds (that definitely goes well with black!) but also large semi precious stones of unique colours like turquoise, emerald, red and even royal blue. Sometime a dangling neck piece with multiple coloured stone also gives a bohemian look.

Unique Tassels

If your black dress has lower neckline, just dangle a hassle-free tassel around your neck. The tassel can have few stones and a metal plate with some classic designs; or just a ring studded with stones. A plain fashion statement with accessories enhances the look of the black dress as the onlooker would get an overall gorgeous look and not only focus on either one – accessory or dress.

Attractive Clutch

This is a must have accessory with a black dress – you can choose the metallic blue envelope clutch; or choose any other colour that suits your taste but make sure the clutch has a specific style statement as you will be making it even more prominent with a singular colour dress.


Your hand will be the point of attraction when the rest of the look is moderated. Wear a ring that has one large stone of significant colour – like dark green, turquoise, red, or golden. Even if you select a metallic ring; see that the ring is stacked with enough embellishments to give a bold style statement.

The black dress has always been one of the fashion classics and you can get the best look out of it only if you are able to deck your look with the right accessories. While choosing the accessories make sure you are keeping few factors in mind like occasion, your body type, your personality, neckline of the dress and also the design.


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